My name is Tony Vacca and for more than 50 years all of us in the Vac's family have continued the work started by my father, Tony Sr. He gave us the simple business principles that continue to work:
Give the horsemen a well-made, good quality product that does the job

Make it from the best quality materials

Make it affordable and make sure it holds up

Make everything you sell right here in the USA so you can keep the quality consistent

Put the family name on it and stand behind it with a 100% guarantee

Since he started this business in the early 70's, many others have tried to copy Tony's original ideas and call them their own. They have tried to copy products like Vac's V7 Original No Bow Wraps by using the name he gave it after designing it in 1977. They made it cheaper by using cheaper materials -- but cheaper is not more economical if it doesn't do the job as well or hold up the way it's supposed to. China and IndIa can always make things cheaper but in this industry products have a job to do -- Vac's understands that job and that's why Vac's stands with quality.

For generations Vac's has known how to make these products right and still keep them economical. The quality of Vac's raw materials and workmanship are the best in the industry. We have run the same advertisement for 50 years: "When you make a quality product, it speaks for itself".

That's why, even after all these years of cheap foreign imitations coming in from India and China, Vac's products remain more popular than ever. There is no substitute for experience and that's why professional and amateur horsemen of all kinds know the difference and continue to buy Vac's original top quallity line of classic products in tack shops throughout the USA, Canada, and throughout the world.